Use Rebel Heart’s Dust Control Service for added safety and to reduce maintenance costs.

Without dust control, work sites can become dangerous due to reduced visibility and inhalation. Fine dust particles can also increase maintenance costs and repairs to equipment.

Rebel Heart’s application technology allows us to customize the amount of product being applied. This ensures you are only paying for the product needed to get the job done right.

Added Safety

Use regular dust control applications to decrease airborne dust. Airborne dust creates a safety hazard as it obscures visibility and reduces air quality.

Applying calcium for dust control reduces risks when compared to using water for the same purpose. Depending on work site traffic, one calcium application may be enough to last the entire season, whereas a water truck would be required on site daily during hot weather.

Tiger 32

We use Tiger 32 by Tiger Calcium, which is a highly effective dust abatement and soil stabilization solution. It is a liquid calcium chloride formula specifically developed for optimal dust control and road stabilization. Tiger 32 is processed and filtered multiple times to remove impurities which results in a contaminant free clear brine.

Rebel Heart Trucking is an Authorized Distributor
for Tiger Calcium Services Inc.

  • Product keeps dust down longer than water
  • Perfect for roads, construction sites and yards
  • Various products available (including non-toxic)
  • Our team consists GPS equipped



Download our Dust Control brochure below for more details. If you require additional information about our capabilities, contact us here or call 780.496.7604. We would be happy to provide you with whatever you need.

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